The Vampire Facelift®  A trademarked procedure performed by licensed and certified members of the American Cosmetic Cellular Medicine Association (ACCMA).  Members have been trained in a  specific way of using a filler (like Restylane or Juvederm) and then layering your platelet-rich plasma (PRP) on top. One or the other alone can still be useful but is not the Vampire Facelift® procedure.   The same technique was used to grow skin over exposed bone and tendon of the foot and ankle (click).   The combination can help regrow the cartilage of the knee (click).   Using the same idea, with the Vampire Facelift® procedure, the filler is used as a scaffolding then the PRP is used to recruit and activate multipotent stem cells to grow new tissue.   If shape is already perfect, then instead of injecting the Hyaluronic (HA) filler, microneedling can be done and then the PRP applied topically for an improvement in color and texture (this combination is called the Vampire Facial® procedure).   Are you a candidate for the Vampire Facelift®? 1. Is your skin color losing its youthful glow? 2. Are your facial features looking droopy or sunken due to loss of collagen and fat? 3. Do you have acne scars? 4. Do you have wrinkles, larger pores, less smooth skin? 5. Are you 30 to 75 years old? Vampire Breastlift® The Vampire Breastlift® is a trademarked procedure performed by licensed, trained members of the American Cosmetic Cellular Medicine Association (ACCMA).  Your platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is injected  to restore fullness to the cleavage area.  The procedure is also effective in reducing stippling of the tissue overlying aged breast implants. The procedure does not enlarge the breasts to increase the cup size. Are you a candidate for the Vampire Breastlift? 1.  Has your cleavage become flattened as the breast tissue has begun to sag? 2. Has your breast skin become rippled and thin overlying your breast implants? Vampire Hair Regrowth The Vampire Hair Regrowth procedure involves injecting your activated platelet-rich plasma (PRP) mixed with other nutrients into numbed scalp skin in areas of thinning or baldness in men and women. Men require a second administration two months after initial treatment.  Most patients notice hair follicle stimulation and hair regrowth 6-8 weeks after the completion of treatment.
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