O-Shot® Procedure

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Dr. Leslie Pickens, trained and licensed by the inventor of the O-Shot®, or Orgasm Shot, wants to make you – and your mate – happy with this new procedure that uses patients’ stem cells from their own blood to rejuvenate atrophied tissues. The process is quick: a 20-minute, in-office procedure which does not require general anesthesia.   How does this happen? Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP - a magic elixir- is extracted from whole blood after it has been spun in a centrifuge. (It’s the yellow sticky substance that forms around a scraped knee or elbow after an injury.) The same fluid that produces the natural healing of an abrasion, is the EXACT same fluid utilized in the maneuver. After a consultation and evaluation with Dr. Leslie Pickens, a sample of your blood will be drawn from your arm and spun down. Then, you and the physician will apply a numbing cream and the doctor will initiate what has become known as …                    THE O-SHOT® PROCEDURE! In this quick, easy and virtually painless process- your own PRP is injected causing a regeneration of cells and a rich, new blood flow- that has women all over the world experiencing the orgasms we have all read about,  but may have never experienced. Imagine resolution of urinary incontinence! Near-immediate improvement, heightened sensitivity, and a tightening sensation has been reported – for you and your mate. Stay tuned for the male version of this procedure, the Priapus Shot, that increases male sensation and size.   Is it safe? There have been NO reports of serious side effects from PRP prepared with an FDA (Federal Drug Administration) approved kit. The first O- Shot® was given in 2011 and for over four years continues to be utilized. This procedure enhances the sexual lives of women who sought to heighten their sexual experience or relieve the embarrassment of urinary leakage.   Are you a candidate for the P-Shot®? 1.     Are you bothered by low libido discomfort or pain with intimacy? 2.     Are you bothered by loose vaginal tissues after childbirth or advancing age? 3.     Do you have unwanted leakage of urine? 4.     Do you suffer from Lichen Sclerosis?
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